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Artisan Blossoms cultivates a tradition of artisanal excellence, handcrafting exquisite masterpieces with the finest materials by revered artisans. 

Giardino di Rose Colletion - box set - limited edition.jpg

Giardino di Rose emphasizes the idea of perfection. Only the highest level of entwining technique would make the living rose. Every bloom accompanied with their signature Eau de Toilette "Tea Rose" to complete a harmony of visual arts and aroma. Bespoke service is available with limited edition accessories.


"Exquisite hand made brooch using an intricate technique with the use of silk thread, giving off a natural shine regardless which angle, a craft that has been marked as intangible cultural heritage. Meaningful and perfect gift for my grandma who loves wearable arts!"

Celine Chiu / DELUXE / Media Editor

"My first time joining this type of workshop and I loved it! The team was very accommodating and passionate about their art pieces. In additional to trying out beautiful hat collections, I love how they take care of all details from serving us with fairytale-like tea sets, to giving us a handy lecture on hat etiquette. Definitely recommended!"

Sherry Lee


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